[10/11]  Mango On Main

[10/11]  Mango On Main

[10/11]  Mango On Main


Branding Principles


Branding Principle




Fall 2020


The project aims to develop a comprehensive branding system for a small boutique in one’s hometown, including a logo design, typography, color scheme, imagery, and packaging The final branding system will be versatile and adaptable to the client’s future needs, with guidelines on how to use the logo, typography, and color scheme across different mediums.


This project involved collaborating with a small family owned business located Napa Valley. Despite their outstanding food and exceptional ambiance, they lacked a recognizable brand identity. The project addresses this by drawing inspiration from Thai culture and incorporating a vibrant element into the branding to create a beautiful and energetic identity and through a visually stunning
and compelling branding system.

Shining a light on great food.

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