[05/11]  Fillmore Goods

[05/11]  Fillmore Goods

[05/11]  Fillmore Goods

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Graphic Design 2
Integrating Principles


David Hake




Spring 2020


The project aims to create a branding system for a small boutique shop, using existing or new brands, to establish a unique identity and attract customers. The team will design a logo, color palette, typography, and imagery to convey the brand message and values. The final output will be a complete branding system that is applicable to various marketing channels, such as print, web, & social media.


For this project, the approach is to reimagine the traditional concept of grocery stores by focusing on providing customers with sustainable home goods, cleaning products, and food options while limiting waste. The goal is to create a new wave of sustainable grocery stores that prioritize eco-friendliness and responsible consumption.

A superior alternative than the traditional
grocery store.

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