[06/11]  Fortessa

[06/11]  Fortessa

[06/11]  Fortessa


Package Design 2:
Executing 3D Design


Thomas McNulty




Spring 2022


The project aims to create a sustainable packaging system for a glassware company that aligns with its values and is environmentally friendly and economically viable. It involves analyzing current packaging practices, assessing sustainable options, testing the final design for durability and functionality. The goal is to reduce the company’s environmental impact while maintaining customer satisfaction.


To ensure the sustainability of the packaging system, the approach for this project centers on the use of biodegradable and easily recyclable materials. Specifically, the focus is on rebranding the packaging for the artisan glass brand Fortessa, which is known for its small scale production of handmade glassware made from recycled glass which makes each glass unique.

A unique packaging system for a renewable
glass brand.

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