[01/11] Tote

[01/11] Tote

[01/11] Tote


Nature of Interaction Design


Phil Hamlett


App Design


Spring 2022


Create a mobile app that addresses a problem or need in society. To successfully complete the project, we must identify a problem and brainstorm potential solutions. Then, we need to develop a prototype of the app, test it with potential users, and refine it based on feedback. Finally, we must create a pitch for their app, describing the problem or need it solves,  how it solves it, and its potential impact.


The app is designed to be user-friendly, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. It was meant to encourage sustainable living and help users alter their habits gradually. It includes personalized goal-setting, progress tracking, educational content, and community building features, empowering users to take meaningful action towards achieving sustainability and creating a better future.

The connection
to a sustainable life.

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